Why good project management is key to a successful build


Effective construction project management is essential to the stability and success of any build and the foundation on which each project should be based.  Building projects are by nature a significant, complex and lengthy commitment involving multiple stages, resources and stakeholders.

A Construction Project Manager (CPM) is an essential component of the constantly evolving building process, overseeing all aspects from planning to completion.  The key objective of the CPM is keeping the project on track, avoiding slippages on time or budget and providing quick solutions to any issues as they arise.

 “The goal of any Project Manager should be to execute the project to the highest degree of quality in the most efficient timeframe, within the scope of the budget”.

Jack Malavey,
Head of Construction Project Management, Waratah Building.

Residential building projects, whether a new build or an alteration or addition, follow a similar process and require the same amount of investment in planning, implementation and quality control.  The current demand for residential construction, coupled with supply and raw material shortages, as well as logistical and resource issues, means that the role of the CPM is now more critical than ever.

How effective Construction Project Management can support your build

  • Save time: While many builders work ‘on the tools’ all day and are only able to attend to project management issues after hours, a CMP can respond straight away finding solutions and avoiding costly delays.
  • Save money: A CMP will have good relationships with several suppliers and have a wide network of contacts, as well as dedicated time in the office to ensure clients get the best value materials and services delivered or arranged at the correct time.
  • Forward planning: Issues like supply chain problems can be mitigated with careful planning. Your CPM can ensure that orders are placed early and delivered to site as scheduled.
  • Effective implementation: A CPM knows your project inside and out and can respond quickly to any problems that arise, ensuring that resources and materials are in place at the appropriate time.
  • Quality assurance: Your CPM ensures due diligence at all key project milestones including pre-planning checks, sign off from all stakeholders, quality control and safety on site, through to final certification and handover.

The key to a successful project is forward planning and the ability to act quickly, responding to any issues as they arise.  Here’s an example:

Just a week into a recent project we identified an issue with a key steel structural beam for a second-floor addition.  If the beam had been fabricated as drawn, the steel section would have been too deep to match up to the existing floor area, creating a myriad of problems.  Due to our stringent processes and checks, the site team picked this up early and worked together with the CPM and the Engineer to resolve the problem.   This avoided any detrimental effects to the alignment between the addition and the existing dwelling, as well as potentially saving the client between $25,000-$40,000 in redesign and manufacturing costs. 

Project management is essential to ensure the stability and success of any building project, protecting the interests of both client and builder.  Without this high-level perspective, the project can be exposed unnecessarily, with potential risks going undetected and resulting in significant cost and time-line blowouts.

By investing in effective project management, good communication and a highly skilled team, Waratah Building is able to deliver the strongest outcome for clients on every project.

We’d love to discuss your next project.


We’d love to discuss your next project. 

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