Article: Paloma At Retford Park Estate // The Fold Loves A Sticky Beak


Waratah Building’s project Paloma at Retford Park was recently featured in The Fold, a local guide to life in the Southern Highlands.


We’ve long known that the Waratah Building team is one talented bunch after we sat down with them two years ago for this interview

And their builds just keep getting better and better [+ dreamier and dreamier!]. 

Jack and Nick and the Waratah team created this stunning 5 bedroom home from go to whoa….perhaps more wow than whoa, though. 

They oversaw the design, did the build of course and worked with local trades to get those fantastic, seamless finishes. 

Everywhere we looked, there were tiny details that not only contributed to that feeling of luxury but you just knew from walking around the property that everything here is next level.

These guys definitely raise the bar when it comes to local master built homes. 

And this is why…..



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